Bringing you the very finest bread and confectioneries every single day

Some of the amazing things we do

  • No minimum order, never, ever
  • Daily delivery (except Sundays, Amen)
  • Packed to your specification
  • Key holding service
  • Late order deadline
  • Online ordering facility (so cool!)
  • Standing orders
  • Order by phone, email, text or online
  • Reserve & Collect service for retailers - customers order from us and buy from you
  • Substantial discounts
  • Timed 'Call to you' service
  • Comprehensive range
  • Products made to your specification (within reason)
  • Slicing in three thicknesses)
  • Retailer product labelling service
  • Handmade & delivered within 5 hours of baking
  • Free fitting, I tell you, it's free fitting

Bread Of Heaven is a multi award winning traditional craft bakery producing traditional hand-made breads and confectionaries every day for our 3 retail outlets and over 150 wholesale customers throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Second generation Master Bakers, Nathan and Ross Kavanagh, continue the family tradition of using only the finest & purest ingredients of which one - passion - simply cannot be bought.

How we roll
What we roll

Its all about the bread

White Farmhouse
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Malt Crunch Round Top
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Stoneground Wholemeal
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Wholemeal Round Top
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Organic Wholemeal
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Bavarian Rye
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Caraway Rye
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Sunflower Rye
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Donker Rye
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Fruited Honey & Sunflower Rye
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6 Grain rye
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Sussex Nutty
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Tomato, Basil & Garlic
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Soda Bread
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Malted Oat
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Pesto & Parmesan
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Spelt & Honey
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Olive Bread
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Golden Corn
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You order, we bake

You sing, we dance.

0:00 Hours


A tired baker make the ‘sponge’, his last mix of the night. The sponge gently ferments all day adding a fuller flavour, deeper colour & an amazing texture. This technique makes 'good' bread 'great' bread.

Due to the added time and labour, it's a method that is now rarely used, even amongst craft bakers.


The day team are busy
making rolls & baps. Every single one weighed and moulded by hand. Hours and hours of mind numbing monotony - a bit like reading this website.


The sponge has grown to 10x it's size
the baker knocks it back
Baker vs dough, Baker wins (just).


Knowing that someone from the office is just about to bring up a production list, the bakers find places to hide. Human contact is not something they are really comfortable with.


The bakers are making huge doughs at this point, emptying 32kg bags of the finest quality flour into the mixers. After an hour or two of this, the bakery is a bit like being in a sand storm without the sand or the storm, but with flour, and in a bakery.


Whilst the world is sweetly slipping in and out of dandy dreams cloaked by the serenity of a million silent stars the bakers are visited by the chicken of mayhem. Tearing around trying to get slow proving doughs proving faster and fast proving doughs proving slower, egging on the oven to be hotter in the cool parts and cooler in the hot. Cakes need icing, donuts need jamming, hogs need slicing, seeds need sprinkling, eccles need eccling and all the while the flipping clock keeps ticking....


The sponge, gently fermenting,
begins to move. In the 'olden' days, long before the likes of the EHO, the sponge dough was placed in a large wooden lidded trough. The baker would fall asleep on top and be woken when the rising dough ejected him from the lid. It was an alarm clock made of the very stuff it was reminding him to get to work on.


Our confectioner is let out of his cage.
He's a little crazed for the first hour or two, defiantly making everything he touches bad for you.
'Sticky' is a word, and a place, that makes him feel warm. Good advice - Don't look him in the eyes


3000 baps, rolls & sticks have
been moulded and are now nestling in the retarder prover.
This remarkable piece of equipment holds the contents at 2oC stopping the natural yeasts from working their raising magic. 2 hours before the baker wants to begin baking, it gently increases the temperature whilst injecting steam to create a perfect humidity so the dough is perfect for the fussy so and so..


The day shift hands over to the night team and the confectioner is recaptured and restrained. The sponge is now ready to be added to all futher dough mixes to impart those amazing qualities all but lost in todays world of plastic wrapped cardboard breads.


After pacing around the oven front much like a bullfighter strides around his prey, eyeing the doors with an intensity to match, the 'oven man' starts his bake. These are not like any ovens you have seen before - 3 swing doors open to 12 foot deep, 6 foot wide and 1 foot high cavlties.


The ovens are finally baking the last of it. Mrs Trellis will be pleased. 'A fine loaf boys' she'll cackle as she shuffles out. Under her breath you can just hear her muttering 'these kids, they wouldn't know hard work if it grew long hair and invited itself over for tea'....

Here at Bread of Heaven we want to be real happy and, for us to be happy, you need to be happy. We make real good bread and bake real big cakes that put smiles on peoples faces.

There is nothing better than a smile, especially when you know that you made it happen.

The trick is, proper ingredients. 99.9% pure butter, real lard, free range eggs, the highest quality flour imported from the other side of the world, plenty of salt (sorry Mr Brussels) & more sugar than you can shake a stick of rock at.

If you're on a diet - turn away.

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